Branding Case Study: Aspirant Health*

Embracing the integration of medical and behavioral health into a brand serving the whole person (mind + body).

How would this brand, who embraces a new patient-centered healthcare system integrating physical and mental health, present itself to the market? How could this brand attract consumers and grow their marketshare?

Strategic branding defines and positions this organization to become a leader of patient-centered healthcare in the marketplace. All while creating more positive health outcomes, cost-effective care, and improve the patient experience.

Role: Brand Strategy  //  Name Development  //  Identity Development  //  User Interface Design  //  Brand Communication Design

* A personal project demonstrating the process to create a brand for a new organization.

Defining the Brand

First, the brand needs to be defined in words. 

It starts with team-building exercises to identify and define their unique qualities, better understand their customers, and create and prioritize their goals

Using the information from one of the exercises we craft a mission statement:

We provide integrated health care services to idealistic patients in a caring and authentic environment while helping them feel nurtured and optimistic about their physical and mental health.

Trade Name & Identity Design

Trade Name Development
Utilizing the information from the exercises as a springboard for research, the word aspirant was chosen for the name of the organization. The definition of aspirant speaks to one that seeks or desires advancement and yearns for something important or of value. It suits the higher purpose this brand is striving to achieve in their community.

Identity Design
One word distinguishes Aspirant Health in the marketplace, integration. It is the seamless integration of physical and mental health to address the whole person that makes this organization unique.

Two overlapping shapes comprise each of the four elements of the identity, representing medical and behavioral health blending together and working as one. The four elements point inwards and work together to create an intersection in the negative space, re-emphasizing the organization’s commitment to blending physical and mental health. 

Customized typography, mirroring the subtle radiuses of the logo mark, convey a clean, modern, and approachable identity to represent the Aspirant Health brand in the marketplace.

Brand STylescape

Brand Stylescape
The brand stylescape visualizes how the brand will look and “feel” to the world (or marketplace). The insights from the strategy sessions collectively inform the visual language of the brand. It’s built on a solid foundation of language and beliefs, unique to Aspirant Health. And, it’s the blueprint for how the brand will maintain it’s image across all communications on paper, on screen, or in person.

Website Design

Designed for the Consumer – The design focuses on simplicity and ease of use while incorporating brand elements, messaging, marketing goals, and complying with ADA regulations.

Brand Communications

The Aspirant Health brand presents a cohesive look and feel to introduce the organization to the community through specific marketing channels to build their brand awareness campaign. 

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