Graphic Design Case Study: Journey Home

A worthy cause that’s making a difference to end homelessness.

Journey Home has a very complex story to tell corporate donors, often taking an hour to explain the challenges people are experiencing and their approach to the support services that are needed.

So, how can this organization show the obstacles people face while experiencing homelessness, the fragmented services they encounter, and the work Journey Home is undertaking to help? And, make it easy for everyone to understand?

A simple leave behind brochure was created to show the obstacles people continually face and how Journey Home makes it easier for them to access the help they need by overcoming those obstacles.

What took upwards of an hour to explain to corporate donors, now takes minutes.

Role: Concept Development  //  Art Direction  //  Graphic Design  //  Typography

the Concept

All of us see people holding cardboard signs seeking help. It has become synonymous with homelessness. 

Using a cardboard sign juxtaposed with Journey Home’s mission – Working to End Homelessness – as the cover clearly states what the organization is working towards and who it is for.

Inside, the brochure walks viewers through first hand experiences of the obstacles people face and how Journey Home is working to deliver services to help them get back on their feet.


The photography sets the mood for the brochure. The visuals are real. Honest. They capture people at a vulnerable time in their life. It makes a powerful connection with the viewer.

Brochure Design

The brochure focuses on the people sharing their experiences – from living on the streets and in shelters, to having a home, thanks to the initiatives of Journey Home.

Large photographs allow viewers to make a visual connection with each person and custom, handwritten typography humanizes and delivers their powerful quotes.

Along with the information about Journey Home’s initiatives, the brochure paints a full picture of the important work they are accomplishing to end homelessness.

Poster Design

Building on the success of the brochure, Journey Home requested to have posters designed for large corporate events and galas. The posters share photography from the brochure to attract people’s attention and learn more about the work Journey Home is doing to end homelessness.

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Mark Terranova is a Creative Art Director and Designer based in Connecticut utilizing strategic thinking and creative leadership to translate, guide, create, and evolve brand and marketing projects into simple solutions and compelling campaigns.

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